Surfer and designer, currently living in the Northern Rivers, NSW. 

I am a passionate graphic designer, I thrive in digital spaces and print files. My skills are continually being sharpened

as I strive to explore the possibilities of design and use design as a problem solving mechanism, communicating effectively and with a lasting impression. 

In terms of incentives for students, Ping Pong offers an informal, playful, after hours setting for students that are interested in digital technologies to engage further with them and to meet like-minded students, staff and external practitioners. 

This identity was created to appeal to students of LCF, the combination of imagery, type and cohesive design represents the components of ping pong across all platforms; merchandise, print media and digital media. 

This publication was created for the visual communication design graduates displaying their final projects. 

The concept of this publication explores the relationship between space, layout and exhibition. This publication was designed with consideration to the aspects of
Up Next and Festival X which exhibited the architecture and design graduate projects.

Printing budget: $8000
Printed by Carbon8, Sydney.
Design team: Nathan Tee, Kate Powell, Hannah Curley

The purpose of this poster is to create awareness around human integration for poster-heroes campaign. I did a lot of visual research but focused on the Bauhaus museum and ironically, Berlin in general is pivotal for a lot of these international issues. I also viewed Aie Weiweie's 'human flow' documentary as a source of information.

Application of posters in Skalitzer Street, Berlin.

Bachelor of Visual Communication and Design

University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia; January 2016 - October 2018

Bachelor Design and Product Management + Bachelor Multi Media Art; Winter semester.

University of Applied Sciences, Salzburg, Austria; September 2017 - February 2018

I am interested in individual elements and creating an interaction for screen based movements. As much as I love print and the practicality of print media, I am too interested in evolving a concept for digital interactions. 

To discuss a project, local or remote, get in contact below.​